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Abigail Neilson Releases New Single “Ruby”

As a heartwarming coming-of-age song that every young woman will be able to relate to today, Ruby is a classic summer ballad you’ll want to have blasting while you sit outside with a glass of lemonade in your hand. Written and sung by the acclaimed Abigail Neilson, Ruby was produced and mixed by Robbie Artress, with musicians Gideon Klein, Gabriel Klein, and Ellen Angelico as the band in tow.

Ruby exemplifies the frustrations of being a teenager, as well as the typical friendship between two sisters. Aiming to paint a picture of what it’s like to be so young, yet feel so overwhelmed by how little you know about the world, Ruby dives into that natural feeling of rebellion we all can remember: “Vintage t-shirts, rebel in reverse.”

Through the new summery single, lessons of heartbreak with relationships are explored, as the chorus kicks in with a big, “too young to live, too young to die.” Powerful, haunting, and relatable all at the same time, Ruby finishes out by proclaiming everything is going to be ok in the end.

Boasting equal parts country and rock, Ruby is one of those songs that skips through genres with an effortlessness on par with that of Taylor Swift’s.

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